Tamara Meyer, NMT — Integrative Neuromuscular Healing. Pain, Injuries, TMJ/TMD, Artistic & Athletic Performance, Children & Adults.
"I seek to discern imbalance before it becomes disease; to discern dysfunction before it becomes disability" — Tamara Meyer

Healthy Living Products

Try finding the best bed, the perfect pillow, the most effective air filter. The choices are daunting. We all end up with products we never use or wish we hadn't purchased. Tamara has done the work of sorting through hundreds of products to offer and recommend those which she has found to consistently work and make a positive impact. Tamara will also suggest products specifically tailored to your needs. For example, if you need a bed, after a short consultation regarding your concerns and any symptoms you may have, Tamara will recommend one or two beds for you to try that should work for you given your needs. In addition to offering many products for sale, Tamara has made arrangements with many companies to discount their products for her patients.

As a long time distributor of Tempur-Pedic products, Tamara through her company WorkWell, offers all Tempur-Pedic beds and pillows at a discount. All have the Tempur-Pedic guarantee and beds have a 90 day trial period. Custom orthotics (shoe inserts) are guaranteed for one year.

Contact Tamara Meyer at 301-424-9262 or TamaraMeyer@aol.com for pricing and recommendations.