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"I seek to discern imbalance before it becomes disease; to discern dysfunction before it becomes disability" — Tamara Meyer

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Tempur-Pedic™ Beds

Picture of Tempur-pedic bedGood health depends on good sleep and Tempur-Pedic™ beds are recognized as one of the premiere sleep devices available on the market today: recommended by numerous doctors and sleep specialists. As Tempur-Pedic™ points out, Your bed should relieve your pain, not add to it. Your bed should make stress go away. Your bed should always give you comfort. Tempur-Pedic™ beds are truly unique and help to provide a “night-time renewal for your body and your mind.” Tamara is proud to offer all Tempur-Pedic™ beds at a discount and will help individuals choose the right bed to suit their needs.

“I love my Tempur-Pedic beds! In fact, I bought two of them last year from Tamara. They are so comfortable that it makes me want to burn my passport and no longer travel. I hate sleeping in hotel beds now! Two adults should never share a bed if they don't have a Tempur-Pedic. Each of us can move without disturbing the other, plus it's like sleeping in a nest! Do yourself a favor right now and get a Tempur-Pedic bed from Tamara's company. Her prices can't be beat and she will help you find the bed that is just right for you.”

Linda De Marlor (President, Tax-Masters Inc.)