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Tamara Meyer, NMT Integrative Neuromuscular Healing

Pain | Injuries | TMJ/TMD | Athletic & Artistic Performance | Children & Adults

“ I seek to discern imbalance before it becomes disease; to discern dysfunction before it becomes disability.” — Tamara Meyer
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Tamara Meyer nmt, internationally trained neuromuscular therapist, wellness consultant and author, offers a proven integrative approach to health and healing for those suffering from chronic pain, injuries, disabilities and other health issues. She also offers specialized treatment and coaching for athletes, dancers, musicians and vocalists seeking to improve their athletic and artistic performance. Tamara works with, refers to and receives referrals from local and national physicians, dentists and other health professionals. She also lectures and teaches within the medical community, helping physicians and dentists integrate alternative and integrative medicine into their practice. Physicians wanting more information should feel free to contact her directly.

Tamara is founder and president of WorkWell, an organization committed to promoting health and wellness by offering coaching, lecturing and training programs for the general public as well as the corporate world. See the WorkWell section for more information about programs and lectures.

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WorkWell is also a distributer of Tempur-Pedic™ beds and pillows and Austin Air purification systems, as well as other healthy living products. See the Products section for details.