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Tamara Meyer, NMT Integrative Neuromuscular Healing

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“Tamara Meyer will help your practice embrace alternative and complementary medicine to benefit your patients and your practice.”

In 2003, americans spent 48 billion dollars on alternative and complementary medicine. Each year, more Americans search out and use acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic and osteopathic methods in addition to many other non traditional methods of healing. They buy millions of dollars worth of vitamins and supplements each year hoping to improve their health. Americans are ready for a more integrative and functional approach to medicine and dentistry. But their doctors and dentists are often in the dark about this arena of health care. How does a traditional medical or dentist practice become more integrative and supportive of patients wanting advice and treatment in non-traditional methods?

Tamara Meyer has had a successful career in the field of alternative and complementary medicine for close to thirty years both in group practices and as a solo practitioner. Her practical applications help make a transition into a comprehensive practice that embraces traditional medicine as well as alternative and functional medicine. Patients truly appreciate having physicians and dentists who understand and can guide their patients through the maze of available treatments, products and diagnostic tests. Tamara offers an overview of complementary and alternative medicine. She also teaches specific techniques, offers advice on space allocation, and on diagnostics and laboratories and makes suggestions regarding supplements and other alternative treatments and products. Tamara helps sort through the myriad methods and products available to focus on those that will make the most difference in the lives of patients and on the bottom line for the practice. Tamara is available for consultations as well as on an ongoing basis.

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Physician/Dentist Testimonials

As owner, prosthodontist and maxillofascial specialist in The Bethesda Temporomandibular Joint & Facial Pain Center, I see patients who come to our clinic having tried countless other avenues to relieve their suffering. In conjunction with the many specialties we have to offer, I often refer my patients to Tamara Meyer NMT. Tamara's unique skill set and many years of experience with dental and facial pain give me complete confidence in her work and her ability to help our patients. She has also referred her patients to our practice, and we frequently have the opportunity to work closely together. Her unusual blend of techniques and understanding of dental and facial pain meshes beautifully with the work we do here at our clinic. Her work with our patients has been extraordinarily helpful when it comes to alleviating their pain and helping patients acclimate to their prosthetics and appliances.

Michael T. Singer, DDS, FAAMP, FACP

It is hard to believe I have known Tamara Meyer for more than thirty years.

In the mid-seventies, another physician and I started one of the first holistic medical practices in the US in Bethesda, Maryland. Tamara, along with an acupuncturist and a homeopath was part of our team, intaking new patients, working with the acupuncturist, and treating her own patients. Since those early days, Tamara has continued to work in the field of integrative medicine, developing her broad spectrum of skills and experience. My practice is now based in the Los Angeles area and we have had the need from time to time for Tamara Meyer's unusual blend of work and have invited her to come to California to treat some of our patients. We keep hoping she will consider moving here to join us but in the meantime, I often call her when I need to refer a patient to her or to a specialist in the DC area. She is well integrated in the medical community in Washington, DC maintaining the vision we had so many years ago of physicians and complementary medical practitioners working hand in hand.

John Horton, MD

Tamara Meyer is one of the finest therapeutic specialists I've had the pleasure to meet. Her expertise in the many modalities she utilizes is quite remarkable, considering how diverse her fields of study have been. The patients I have referred to Tamara have consistently found her to be extremely professional, yet very warm and approachable. Their results from her care have all been very positive. She not only offers gentle, yet specific treatment but she is able to offer home care advice that is easy to understand, not difficult to follow, and most of all, effective!

Tamara is the first person I recommend to people in the Bethesda/DC area. I always know that patients will be treated and guided towards health restoration with wisdom and caring.

Steven Weiss, MS, DC, RYT