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Patient Testimonials

I have been a singer/songwriter since the early 70’s. Over the years, I noticed that my vocal range was shrinking and I felt less sure of my ability to hold and sustain notes in the higher registers. I thought this was just a product of aging (I am now 71). My answer was to transpose most of what I sang to lower keys.

After only a few sessions with Tamara (all done virtually), I found that I was capable of reaching those higher notes—notes that I was sure I would never hit again—all without straining. Not only that, my vocal range has increased dramatically allowing me to hit and sustain notes I couldn’t reach 30 years ago. This has been extremely liberating for me. I feel as though I have a new freedom to both write and sing the notes I want without fear. Tamara’s vocal coaching has been transformative.

Dr. Jim Goldstein

I am a 31 year old Chef, who has been working in the restaurant industry on and off for the past 10 years. Over that time, a number of acute and chronic pains came up, as a result of enduring repetitive movements, awkward lifts of heavy objects, and standing on poured concrete or tile for 10+ hours a day. This included (at different times) a shoulder which would randomly give out and no longer be able to support the weight of a saute pan, knees which swelled and made walking on concrete painful, and enflamed elbow and wrist of my dominant arm.

Tamara was able to help me relieve these pains, through application of her therapy as well as by providing simple and elegant solutions (sometimes awareness of posture, or reconstructing the movement pattern through a simple exercise) in a way which left me confident that I could proceed forward with my work.

Thanks very much,
Alex Covell
Washington DC

My name is Richard Paris and I am a senior executive at one of Washington D.C.s best known teaching hospitals. To make a long story short, Tamara Meyer is the only reason I am still walking and not in a wheelchair.

I am forty-three years old, and walk with crutches and a leg brace due to residual paralysis from childhood polio. A little over two years ago, I sustained a herniated cervical disk in my neck, due to two minor rear end collisions. Within weeks, I began suffering significant radiating pain in both hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders. Since I do walk on crutches, this greatly affected my ability to walk, climb stairs and perform all of life's activities.

I immediately sought care from leading orthopedic surgeons who prescribed traditional therapies including cortisone shots, traction and physical therapy. In short, I obtained no relief at all. Although I had walked with crutches and braces for forty years, I never had felt "disabled" as I did then; no longer able to swing a hammer, hit a golf ball, walk through a mall, carry a suitcase through the airport, or roughhouse with my children.

The situation felt absolutely hopeless, and I was convinced that I was going to wind up in a wheelchair; which after the independent lifestyle I was used to, was the emotional equivalent of a prison sentence. A friend then referred me to Tamara Meyer. I began therapy with her three times a week in September of 1992. I now see her once a week and if the pain and mobility limitations I lived with in the fall of '92 was a 10, it is currently a 0.5. I am now walking again, playing golf, swimming and wrestling with my seven year old son.

Neither medicine nor physical therapy were able to offer me any relief at all but Ms. Meyer has effectively solved my problem. Anecdotally, my wife has suffered server back problems for years and has never been as pain free as she is now under Ms. Meyer's care.

Ms. Meyer is a truly gifted healing professional. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

Richard Paris
Gaithersburg, MD

Dear Tamara Meyer,

After my appointment last week, I felt I needed to thank you for the instant and long lasting relief I have experienced.

Briefly, my music teacher had recommended I see you about a stiffness and lack of flexibility in my left wrist. I was and am amazed still at the relief I had instantly experienced from my very first treatment. I could actually wiggle my fingers freely and had more movement in my wrist as well. During my second treatment I had mentioned pain in my jaw. You checked the alignment and gently maneuvered and manipulated my jaw. Instantly I felt the pain disappear. I cannot explain it, but I certainly do appreciate the expertise with which you alleviated this discomfort, no harsh drugs, no external appliance, just a gentle manipulation. Amazing!

More importantly, the results I experienced initially are still there. I am impressed with the movement I have in my left wrist. I am even more amazed at the relief I have felt in my jaw. It is so wonderful to be able to eat without pain. The fact that the relief is long lasting. I also appreciate the fact I do not have to take any drugs or wear any uncomfortable appliance to maintain my improved state.

On a personal note I am appreciative of your professionalism tempered with a warm and gentle nature. You put me at ease with your calmness and quiet manner.

In summary thank you for sharing your substantial gift for relieving pain. It is certainly a gift.

Lana Krawczel

I sought treatment from Tamara about a month after falling from a horse and suffering a compressive fracture of two vertebrae, resulting in stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal, and pain in the lower back and right leg. Thankfully, I had full use of all my limbs and my neurosurgeon elected to take a wait and see approach to considering the need for surgery. My neurosurgeon recommended walking as much as possible to help stimulate blood flow and healing of the vertebrae.

I sought treatment by Tamara based on recommendations from several fellow riders who she had treated for various issues. When I first visited Tamara, I could walk about a 1/4 mile before the pain prohibited me from going further. Following one treatment, I could walk 1/2 a mile before the pain caused me to stop. For the next 6 months I was treated by Tamara twice a week and slowly increased my level of activity. During that six months the vertebrae continued to mend and in the healing process the spinal canal opening actually increased in the area of the break as shown on CAT scan results. During the following six months I was treated by Tamara once a week, further increased my level of activity, and the fractured vertebrae continued to show healing and improved alignment. At the end of one year, I had resumed all of my normal activities, yard work, sailing, golf, with very little, if any pain, and I sought treatment on an as needed basis.

At 14 months, I resumed riding based on the level of healing shown in scan results. I started slowly, walking under saddle, to see whether riding had any ill effects on my back. I slowly progressed back to trotting and cantering and found that unless I over did it, riding actually improved how my back felt. When I did "over do it", one treatment by Tamara was usually enough to fix what ever I had done.

Horse Jumping

Thanks to my neurosurgeon's decision not to operate and Tamara's treatment and advice (stretching and strength exercises), today I am pain free, riding 6-7 days a week, and competing at the same level as I was before I fractured the vertebrae. I can now enjoy the goal of doing dressage, show jumping, and cross country that I envisioned as part of retirement.

Thanks Tamara.

PS. We also had some wonderful and sometimes thought provoking conversations during my treatments that ranged from practical subjects to the philosophical.

Ed Baker
Rockville, MD

As owner, prosthodontist and maxillofascial specialist in The Bethesda Temporomandibular Joint & Facial Pain Center, I see patients who come to our clinic having tried countless other avenues to relieve their suffering. In conjunction with the many specialties we have to offer, I often refer my patients to Tamara Meyer NMT. Tamara's unique skill set and many years of experience with dental and facial pain give me complete confidence in her work and her ability to help our patients. She has also referred her patients to our practice, and we frequently have the opportunity to work closely together. Her unusual blend of techniques and understanding of dental and facial pain meshes beautifully with the work we do here at our clinic. Her work with our patients has been extraordinarily helpful when it comes to alleviating their pain and helping patients acclimate to their prosthetics and appliances.

Michael T. Singer, DDS, FAAMP, FACP

Stage and concert performers, especially vocal and instrumental artists, walk a tightrope of delicate balance between emotion and control - between freedom and discipline. Even those with relatively robust natural resources can become easily dislodged through unforseeen circumstances or an unexpected wave of fear or uncertainty that can suddenly arise for seemingly unfathomable reasons.

For many years these issues and the need to find a special spiritual and physical balance between body and mind have been the subjects of in-depth discussion between Tamara Meyer and myself. I have been greatly impressed by her grasp of the intricate and elusive emotional and physical interplay of elements that particularly affect artistic people who are highly sensitive, emotional and serious. I believe she has, through her understanding, knowledge and insight into the situations and conditions that these persons experience and her personal high skill in her application, valuable and precise powers that can importantly establish a regular and discernible balance between mind and body and help to heal traumas and fears that can impair the lives and careers of stage and concert performers. She can, I believe, succeed in areas where conventional medicine can not always do so.

Jon Tolansky
London, UK
Broadcaster, EMI Documentary Music Producer, Former Musician

I made an appointment with Tamara seeking relief from five days of low back pain. The pain started suddenly upon my return from a vacation. A friend recommended that I call Tamara for an appointment. Appreciative of the discomfort I was experiencing, Tamara re-worked her schedule to be able to see me the next day. I was impressed by both the technincal and interpersonal skill Tamara demonstrated. The work was outstanding and I left the session pain free!

Thank you, Tamara!

Shawn Jones Clarke

Before working with Tamara Meyer my voice had been very irregular for years. Always breathy and sometimes inaudible. Being an international speaker who depends on his voice, I sought out the best professional care I could find in Los Angeles. I found nothing that compared in effectiveness with my lessons with Tamara. One in-person therapy session with her produced noticeable results. Since we live on opposite coasts, I signed up for regular weekly sessions on Skype which enabled us to both see and hear each other. Each week over the last few months my voice has improved in clarity and efficiency. Now people notice and most importantly I notice. I now speak with much greater confidence and clarity. Besides the techniques that Tamara showed me, it was her ease of being that made the lessons so enjoyable and relaxing.

Tim Gallwey
Author of The Inner Game of Tennis and The Inner Game of Stress.

It is hard to believe I have known Tamara Meyer for more than thirty years.

In the mid-seventies, another physician and I started one of the first holistic medical practices in the US in Bethesda, Maryland. Tamara, along with an acupuncturist and a homeopath was part of our team, intaking new patients, working with the acupuncturist, and treating her own patients. Since those early days, Tamara has continued to work in the field of integrative medicine, developing her broad spectrum of skills and experience. My practice is now based in the Los Angeles area and we have had the need from time to time for Tamara Meyer's unusual blend of work and have invited her to come to California to treat some of our patients. We keep hoping she will consider moving here to join us but in the meantime, I often call her when I need to refer a patient to her or to a specialist in the DC area. She is well integrated in the medical community in Washington, DC maintaining the vision we had so many years ago of physicians and complementary medical practitioners working hand in hand.

John Horton, MD

Tamara Meyer is one of the finest therapeutic specialists I've had the pleasure to meet. Her expertise in the many modalities she utilizes is quite remarkable, considering how diverse her fields of study have been. The patients I have referred to Tamara have consistently found her to be extremely professional, yet very warm and approachable. Their results from her care have all been very positive. She not only offers gentle, yet specific treatment but she is able to offer home care advice that is easy to understand, not difficult to follow, and most of all, effective!

Tamara is the first person I recommend to people in the Bethesda/DC area. I always know that patients will be treated and guided towards health restoration with wisdom and caring.

Steven Weiss, MS, DC, RYT

As founder and president of a disability rights organization I am keenly aware of the terrible strain that chronic pain places on individuals and families. For many months I had pain in my neck and shoulder going down my arm that was nearly untenable. I had various treatments with traditional medicine without any relief. My wife referred me to Tamara Meyer, and in just a few short treatments my pain was alleviated. Without hesitation I recommend Tamara's care.

Jim Ward
President, Founder
National Coalition for Disability Rights
Washington D.C.


My teenage daughter was injured playing tennis; she was diagnosed with Tennis Elbow. I was seeking an alternative to having her taking heavy doses of pain killer for a long time at such a young age. Her pain became unbearable; it hurt her even with writing and typing in school and playing violin. My daughter's violin teacher stopped her lessons and gave us Tamara Meyer's name. Tamara works with the teacher's colleagues, professional violinists for problems associated with the profession. Words cannot describe enough how grateful I was that we discovered Tamara because after a few visits my daughter's pain was disappearing and she was able to resume violin lessons. Eventually, Tamara was able to get rid of her pain completely and she was able to play tennis again. Very important to me, she recovered without heavy medication!!!

My own personal experience is another testimonial to Tamara's healing powers. I was involved in an automobile accident walked away from the site thinking I was alright. I had such pain with my back, shoulders that would not go away even after weeks and I thought I will have to live with it from that time on. I turned to Tamara and I am now back and shoulder pain free!!! Tamara is not only knowledgeable about what she does she has also such a pleasant personality, easy to talk to, understanding, kind, caring, and patient. I highly recommend Tamara Meyer to anyone who is seeking relief from his/her pain and suffering in alternative to medication and/or surgery.

Joan Chang
Potomac, MD

Dear musician colleagues,

Like many other musicians, at some point a few years ago I developed a repetitive stress injury. It was in my right hand, and was quite alarming, with pain, stiffness and occasional numbness. I really felt that my career was threatened and decided that I would give the highest priority to the treatment of my hand.

For almost two years, I consulted with and was treated by many practitioners; my doctor, a hand specialist neurosurgeon, two acupuncturists and several massage therapists among them. I even traveled to New York to see a therapist recommended by a couple of Boston Symphony players. All of this attention produced no improvement and I was really getting discouraged and desperate. Someone then suggested I see local therapist Tamara Meyer. She was able to treat this injury successfully and now I am essentially without symptoms. To my astonishment (and relief), Tamara was able to produce immediate results on the first visit although it took a series of treatments to solve the problem completely. I recommend her to my musician friends and several of them are grateful recipients of her skill. As musicians, we need someone who understands the special demands we place on our bodies and can keep us functioning without cortisone shots and surgery. I am very grateful that I found Tamara Meyer and wish to share her as a resource to my community of musicians!

Gratefully yours,
Carl Banner

Working with Tamara Meyer was truly life-changing for me. For most of my adult life I sounded like I had a permanent case of laryngitis due to nodules on my vocal chords. The simple act of talking was extremely tiring and when I spoke on the phone it was always assumed that I was sick. I had the nodules surgically removed in 2000 only to have them redevelop within six months of surgery. When Tamara told me she could treat them and help me get my voice back I was skeptical to say the least. Within six weeks of beginning treatment my voice was back! I was even able to begin singing which I had not been able to do for twenty years! Tamara's treatment regimen, that included gentle manipulation and voice exercises, restored my voice to full capacity and my life back to full capacity as well. Now, three years later, my voice is strong and resonant, and I love being able to sing! I have never met anyone more knowledgeable about the body than Tamara. Working with her has been a remarkable experience.

Caroline Daggitt
Bethesda, Maryland

Tamara saved my life! Really! Last February 2008, a very famous orthopedic doctor in Washington DC diagnosed me with arthritis in my right thumb. I'm only 42. It was a disaster not only for my everyday pain but also for my future life. Can you imagine for the rest of your life with only one solution "when it's going to be too painful we will operate on you but you will never recover 100%"! The only thing to do was to wear a splint all day and night long. It was better but the pain was still there. Can you imagine you can't use your thumb and especially when you are French and you cook a lot!

I began to be depressed; eating bad food, surfing on the internet to find some testimonial for other solutions, and my other thumb began to be sick too. I talked to everyone looking for some hope. Nothing happened until someone talked to me about Tamara. I met her and she changed my life!

After only 5 meetings I was ok. She took one hour (Mr. Professor less than 5 minutes to talk to me looking more at the X-ray than me) to understand how was my life and what kind of changes happened to cause this disease. She looked at how my computer station at my office and at home was. To make it short; it was my posture on this machine that compresses nerves in my back and went to my thumbs.

She is a good person; skillful of course but also and it's where our "official medicine" is so poor compassionate and tries to understand you as a full person, not only as a thumb!!

Tamara, merci beaucoup!
Gaelle Dessus

Dear Ms. Meyer

I want to express my appreciation for your help in my recovery from my accident. I was very concerned about the lingering weakness, lack of agility and pain in my right knee and hip. It was your therapy and guidance in an exercise plan that enabled me to recover. You have helped me ten fold and I feel much better.

Thank you.
Kenneth G. Kreider
Potomac, MD

Dear Tamara,

When I first sought your help in November, 1993, I was suffering from years of continuous headaches and neck pain. As I have told you, I was constantly taking aspirin and other over the counter pain relievers, only to become immune to their effects within a month. I just became used to the notion that I was going to be in pain five, six or seven days a week and accepted this as a part of my life. The problems were not only brought on by the strain of work, they were with me at night, on weekends and even vacations.

After five or six sessions with you, the cycle of head and neck pain began to break and by January I was feeling good more often than bad. By early spring, I rarely experienced the type of headaches I had endured for so many years and now, they are a thing of the past.

I would be happy to speak with anyone who is interested in how your work has influenced my well-being. I look forward to periodic visits with you and value all the advice and care you have given me.

Elliott Himelfarb

Dear Tamara,

This letter is something I have been meaning to send you since the very first session I had with you. It is just that at this moment in my life, I find it most important to let you know just how profoundly you have changed my health and my life over the past couple of years that I have known you.

At the time I was first introduced to you, I had been suffering from chronic back pain for years. After repeated visits to orthopedic surgeons, 'pain management therapists' and chiropractors, I was honestly very reluctant to try another form of treatment. I had been told repeatedly that my problem was something I just needed to 'manage' and that it was a condition that simply got worse with time. After meeting you and completing my first session with you, I have to admit that I thought your techniques were a little 'hokey' at best. I remember feeling defeated, just as I had felt time and time again when I visited doctors who were deemed 'the best' at treating back pain.

I quickly realized that your techniques and touch were truly healing. After the very first appointment, I felt that there was a significant change in my body. I no longer felt the dull, aching pain that plagued me even after a short drive and could finally lean over the sink to brush my teeth without writhing in pain. I know this might sound simple or petty to those who take these actions for granted, but to me, accomplishing everyday tasks without pain felt like a miracle. The best part about coming to see you was that the treatment you performed did not just last for hours like the visits to the chiropractor, but for months. This fact convinced me from the very start that you had a gift, and I have never looked back since.

A few months after coming to see you, I went to a follow-up appointment with my orthopedic surgeon. I was shocked when he told me that my newest x-rays showed an improvement from the one from my last visit. As you know, I have a degenerative disc disease in my back. This, as far as I was told, would mean that slowly and inevitably the discs in my back would deteriorate, causing me more and more pain as it became worse. I always felt that I would eventually have to succumb to the disease, and live with the pain that came with it.

The reason I am writing you this letter today is because I have recently passed the first part of my Maryland State Esthetician exam. This may not make sense to you, but here is my explanation:

I have always had a passion for skin care. When I finally realized that there was a possibility of doing something in this field as a hobby, I was elated. However, dealing with crippling back pain always deterred me from pursuing any kind of labor-intensive activity. I knew that if I worked, even one day a week, performing any kind of facial services, I would not be able to withstand the pain that came with standing and leaning over any of my clients. After you treated me for about four months, I felt confident enough to begin my pursuit of this hobby.

I have been taking an esthetics class on the weekend for the past year and a half, slowly trying to reach my goal of obtaining a formal license in skin care. Initially, I was scared that engaging in the practical sessions would re-ignite my back pain but to my surprise, I have been able to perform my facial treatments with ease. Although the physical demands on my back still limit me from pursuing this hobby as a career, I wanted to you let you know how thankful I am to you for making it possible for me to consider this opportunity again. You have transformed my body and perhaps most importantly, my attitude about my back disease. In just a few weeks, I will be taking the final portion of my state board exam. This is the practical exam, which will last for approximately two and a half hours. I will have to stand the entire time, and perform esthetic services while leaning over a barber's chair. For the very first time since I have been diagnosed with my back disease, I will feel confident that I can take on this task without the least bit of discomfort.

This year, I was also accepted to a master's degree program, where I am force to sit in a classroom for three hours, three nights per week. Before coming to you, I would have struggled in this kind of environment, but I am able to work during the day, and then sit through my classes with ease. This is something I cherish every single day.

I appreciate the time you take each and every time you see me to help me not only with healing but with advice on stretching, breathing and exercises to lessen the pain I have on the rare occasion that I have it. You have truly been a blessing to me in these past couple of years and I can't put into words how grateful I am to have met you.

Respectfully yours,
Helen Suh

Over two years ago I was diagnosed as having a pinched nerve in my neck by my internist after suffering chronic back pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs helped for a period of time but the pain always returned. I finally came to the conclusion that the medical society was putting on a band aid, but not taking care of the problem. This led me to seek other approaches.

I had a friend who had broken her back horseback riding and had been in constant pain until she found Tamara Meyer who had gotten to the root of her problem, made her back straighter and got her out of pain. She directed me to her.

Today, I have no back pain and I have averted a lifetime of chronic disorder. I cannot explain Tamara's methods. They combined eastern and western approaches of what I call 'holistic' medicine. She has studied all over the world to comprise her own unique and truly outstanding mode of practice.

I thank my lucky stars for being introduced to her. I strongly feel that her approach to the human body's ailments should be addressed and accepted by all, including the medical profession.

Lelia G. Hendren
Potomac, MD

Dear Potential Patient,

As a former sufferer from severe lower back, leg and foot pain, I strongly urge you to make an appointment with Tamara Meyer so she can relieve your pain. Tamara has the knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics to help you eliminate the pain that is interrupting your daily activities. First, Tamara's knowledge is expansive and she communicates on two levels: professionally and in 'layman's terms' so there are no troubling questions after you leave her office. Additionally, Tamara listens to comments and questions completely and with thoughtfulness. Tamara's abilities to combine her knowledge and skills from multiple disciplines provide her patients the benefits of multiple therapists in a single session. Finally, the combination of Tamara's calming voice, her caring personality, and her engaging conversation result in the best 'bedside manner' I have ever experienced. Totaling all of the above equals the best decision a potential patient can make, so make an appointment and see for yourself.

Linda Kikuchi

One morning I pulled my back out so badly that I couldn't move one inch in any direction with out major pain. I could barely tilt or turn my head or even bend my body. I could only shuffle my feet to walk. I arrived at Tamara's barely able to move and after a one hour session, the spasm in my back and torso slowly started to relax. I was able to bend and walk out of her office on my own. The next day I was able to bend in any direction with 75% movement back and even able to go to a dance (don't tell Tamara!) that night.

Tamara's intuition is remarkable and her use of various modalities in which she is certified enable you to achieve proper body movement and alignment. In addition, she teaches you exercises and techniques to perform on yourself so you can enhance and maintain good health and mobility. When I see Tamara, I am always confident that I will get the results I want to achieve no matter what ailment or pain. You could say she performs magic!

J. Wilens
Bethesda, Maryland

I'm not going to bore you with the details of the pain and physical misalignment and ails that brought me to seek treatment from Tamara; just know they were real, persistent, and caused me to be afflicted with constant, often debilitating, pain. After seeking remedy from different medical resources, and not wishing to live my life dependent on pain pills; one of my doctors recommended Tamara to me. The results I received from Tamara's gentle, effective therapy was impressive and ultimately resolved the issues completely.

I recommend Tamara to you with complete confidence she will provide you with an honest assessment in determining if her treatments will be effective for your physical problem. Should you be lucky enough to receive her gentle treatment, I feel certain the benefits will be measurable.

Good luck. I hope you feel better soon!
M. Covell
Chevy Chase, Maryland

My treatment by Tamara Meyer enabled me, in middle age, to resume my childhood passion of horseback riding. I did not think this would have been possible when I first consulted Tamara several months after my second back operation. At that point, I couldn't even sit comfortably for more than a few minutes due to intense pain and other symptoms. Since my job involved sitting many hours a day and travel, I faced limitations which also could have adversely affected my job performance. Where conventional physical and pain therapy failed me, Tamara's treatment and the self-help measures she taught me succeeded. My only regret is that I didn't consult Tamara before my back surgery!

Moreover, Tamara's skill is very broad-based and over the years, she has successfully treated me for certain other painful conditions. Once again, she taught me how to avoid recurrences.

Finally, Tamara is a very caring health care provider who brings to bear not only her considerable therapeutic skills, but her sense of humor and a common sense approach to staying healthy.

Rockville, MD

I have had sinus symptoms for nearly forty years. After having surgery in 1980, I had relief briefly but after a short time the symptoms returned. I had been somewhat better since living in Dubai for the past 24 years but my sinus symptoms never went away completely. Several years ago my symptoms were quite severe and I was treated by Tamara Meyer. After two treatments I was fine and I stayed that way ever since. However, now I have had another very bad cold and my nose does not want to clear up - so I would love to have another two treatments!!! I am hoping Tamara returns to Dubai soon!

Karen Cramer
Dubai, UAE

After consulting numerous dental specialists to no avail, it was an enormous relief to find Tamara Meyer, a professional who understood my chronic dental and jaw pain and could treat it effectively, holistically and without any drugs. Within two appointments I was off all the pain killers my dentists had prescribed and off to recovery. More importantly, I started to feel in control of my pain through knowledge of its causes and techniques to alleviate it. My tireless advocate, Meyer often spoke to my dentists about my treatment. Since I was treated by her, I have not made any serious medical decisions without consulting her in one form or another. I have recommended her to several of my friends and colleagues who have also seen excellent results.

My Child
My 8-year-old son had developed repetitive blinking which I associated with stress. His pediatrician, a psychologist and a psychiatrist dismissed the blinking as "developmentally appropriate" and said it would go away by itself, like most childhood tics. But my son was aware of it and self conscious. After seeing Tamara Meyer twice, his compulsive blinking stopped altogether and I saw his confidence increase in the classroom and at home.

Kristina Arriaga Bucholz

I visited Tamara's office with chronic chest pain especially when lifting weights. I had some pain issues pursuant to an operation to repair a ruptured chest muscle. Tamara eliminated most of the pain after a half dozen visits. Tamara effectively combines Eastern and Western modalities and then tailors them to her patient's needs. She is also a very pleasant and warm healthcare practitioner. Tamara should definitely be your first choice if you have difficult and chronic pain issues.

Kevin Boland
Bethesda, MD

Dear Tamara,

This note is long overdue, but no less sincere. I haven't seen in you a while, which is a good sign, but want you to know that I completed the Ironman in Lake Placid this past summer, and owe that accomplishment in large part to you. Through your good work, I was able to overcome too many training-related injuries, and adhere to my training plan with minimal interruption. The intense training took a toll, but enabled me to complete the event healthy, happy and in 13 hours, 5 seconds.

I am now back to more "normal" levels of training, which hopefully will not cause problems anytime soon. I hope to see you soon, albeit not for therapy. Until then, take care.

Sincerely yours, as ever,
Eric Zimmerman

I was referred to Tamara Meyer over 20 years ago due to neck damage from a car accident. Not only did she cure the problem completely but was able to do the same thing again three years later when I was again rear-ended. Her methods are all natural. The doctors who saw me wanted to prescribe medications which I was not willing to take. She saved me from the drugs and cured me too.

I am constantly doing public appearances, TV appearances and I travel all the time. I have custom orthotics from Tamara that work in my dress shoes and my walking shoes too. The orthotics for my shoes make it easier for me to stand. I never sit at work nor do I sit when teaching or doing public appearances. It is easier to be smarter when one's feet do not ache! The orthotics fit my shoes and cannot be seen.

Linda De Marlor
Tax-Masters Inc.

Ah, age!

I'm a pretty healthy gent, thankfully, but in recent years I've probably lived a bit too-sedentary a lifestyle. And some of those downsides are what brought me —happily, I might add— to Tamara.

The central challenge was my back. Every once in a while, a twist, a lift, a something would set it off. One debilitating spasm happened around the time my first daughter was born. Imagine not being able to hold a 9-pound infant in your arms for more a few seconds? That was me, and I vowed that it wouldn't be for long. A good friend (an avid kayaker and a former nurse) pointed me towards Tamara. I've been a happy man ever since.

We worked over a couple of years to figure out what was going on in my back, in my neck, and in my legs occasionally and address the weaknesses. I recovered steady health in my back and a full-range of activities, in part by learning some simple exercises. When my second daughter was born, all was indeed well and has been as she and her sister have grown.

As Tamara will tell you, she focuses on wellness —so much so that I didn't need to see her for a few years until recently, when my lower back decided to remind me it was there. She got me in quickly, worked her medicine, and enabled me to fly to an important business meeting a few days later.

Of course, now I have to rake the leaves again. No excuses. But it's a small price to pay for having Tamara to turn to.

Eric Federing
Cabin John, MD

In 1987 at age sixty-four I noticed numbness along the length of my right leg. My doctor diagnosed it as multiple sclerosis but that proved not to be the case. Within a month the numbness had extended to other parts of my body, I was walking with a cane and had become incontinent. The neurologist felt a spinal infection was the cause and there was little to be done besides physical therapy. A friend advised me to see Tamara Meyer.

On my first visit Ms. Meyer spent some time treating my feet and legs. As I drove home from that visit I began to feel a tingling in various areas that she had treated and by the time I had arrived home I was aware of feeling in areas that were previously numb. Within three weeks I recovered enough feeling to be able to walk without a cane and my urinary problem had improved. When I returned to the neurologist for my monthly visit he was amazed at my improvement and ordered a repeat MRI. My urologist was also surprised at my improvement and in another month I no longer had a problem with incontinence.

I continue to depend upon Ms. Meyer to help me maintain my independence.

Paulette Geer
Potomac, MD


I have just realized that it has been since January by my count since I've seen you and I wanted to let you know that I'm doing very well. I've been busy at work but haven't had a TMJ attack for a long time. While I know you never want to jinx it, I think it's safe to say that I'm cured! I'm still occluding pretty well and haven't had even an inkling of ear pain for months. As I tell everyone, you're a magical person who helped me greatly! Its amazing that I went from years of debilitating attacks every other week or so to nothing in such a short amount of time.

Thanks for everything!!!

Mark Vallaster
Alexandria, VA

Tamara Meyer is my hero!

Over the course of a year I had lost so much strength in both hands that I could barely hold a cup of coffee. It was quite painful to grasp or pull, yet I could play the violin without discomfort. Fine motor control seemed unaffected, but I could not press with my bow to make dynamic changes. Baffling symptoms indeed. My then physician humored by complaints but did not take them seriously. I was at wit's end when a musical colleague referred me post haste to Tamara. Within my first visit she detected and diagnosed the problem (without painful and expensive medical tests, may I add), and set a course of action/therapy. I have now been pain and symptom free for over ten years.

Get thee to Tamara!

Paula Akbar
First Violinist
National Symphony Orchestra

As a documentary filmmaker, freelance film editor, and university professor, I sometimes take on almost too much. And if I don't notice the rising stress, my body makes me aware. Recently I had a bout of TMJ. For two weeks I had serious jaw pain and popping, and was reduced to sort of mouthing, rather than chewing, my food. I wish I had been visiting Tamara sooner, as with a series of skillful adjustments, she was able to quickly restore me to full functionality.

Melissa Hacker
New York City