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Tamara Meyer, NMT Integrative Neuromuscular Healing

Pain | Injuries | TMJ/TMD | Athletic & Artistic Performance | Children & Adults

Integrative Therapy

Based on a dynamic, integrative process of consultation, evaluation, treatment, education, and feedback, Tamara uses a full array of methods and techniques designed to target the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction, and to bring the individual back to a state of natural health and functioning.

Tamara believes in addressing the causes of pain and dysfunction to promote long-term health and well being. She uses a multi-faceted and customized approach in her practice that encompasses and draws from her broad scope of study and her many years of experience. Some of the numerous modalities she employs include myofascial release, cranio-sacral technique, neuromuscular therapy, and bio-energetic treatment.

Tamara's patients include those with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, back injuries, TMJ and TMD syndromes, thoracic outlet, headaches, repetitive strain, Benign Positional Vertigo or BPPV, and athletic and traumatic injuries. Adults and children suffering from many other conditions have likewise benefited from her work. Ms. Meyer also works with amateur and professional musicians, athletes, and dancers seeking to improve performance. Tamara’s patients consistently obtain successful results after exhausting numerous other avenues.

Education is an important part of her practice and patients are encouraged to participate in the therapeutic process. In the beginning, Tamara may offer a variety of self care techniques, specific therapeutic exercises, movements and ergonomic strategies to enhance and augment treatment. As therapy progresses, Tamara gradually helps build a ‘tool box’ of strategies for patients that they can draw from into the future. She may also cast orthotics when necessary, check car seats, make recommendations for beds, pillows, shoes and workstations as well as observe specific actions such as golf swings, running, walking, and musical performance.

Tamara is committed to creating a bridge between traditional and complementary medicine to benefit her patients, and to this end she refers patients to, and receives referrals from local and national physicians, surgeons, and dentists.


Tamara relies on numerous modalities and juxtaposes them simultaneously when working with her patients. These systems include traditional Western medicine, Eastern medicine, and Osteopathic medicine.

Western medicine

Western medicine addresses the body in terms of anatomy and physiology. Some Western methods that Tamara Meyer employs include ergonomic strategies, exercise physiology, trigger point therapy, therapeutic exercise, and active NMT (Neuromuscular Therapeutic) stretching. When appropriate, she also refers patients to physicians for testing, the results of which are factored into her treatment.

Eastern Medicine/Five Element Theory

Eastern medicine looks at the body and mind in terms of energy or chi. Acupuncture, martial arts, and macrobiotics are all based on this highly effective and well-studied system. Tamara utilizes her knowledge of this approach in balancing the body with movement and bio-energetic methods.

Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathic physicians consider the cranio-sacral mechanism to be the primary respiratory system of the body. By working with this mechanism, balance is restored. Tamara utilizes three different approaches to cranio-sacral technique as part of her ‘tool bag’ and uses this work throughout her practice.

What to expect


Initial appointments typically begin with a consultation designed to learn as much as possible about you and what brings you to therapy, as well as to provide information about how the course of treatment might proceed. Consultations are also offered separately to those needing help in charting a course of action with regard to a specific health condition.


Following your consultation, Tamara typically performs an initial evaluation. This may consist of postural and gait assessments, photometric stance analysis, work station evaluations and specific occupational and athletic evaluations such as those for athletes, dancers and musicians. Patients are often brought outside for observation, and musicians are asked to bring in their instruments whenever possible to observe their performance. Tamara also has a piano available for pianists.

Therapy Session

The consultation and evaluation provides Tamara with the information required to begin to address your specific concerns. First therapy sessions are usually brief and the focus will be to relieve or reduce symptoms as quickly as possible. Subsequent therapy sessions will involve a blending of the many methods Tamara uses to help you attain your goals. The number of sessions needed varies from patient to patient and is dependent upon your condition and your participation in the process.


Education is an important part of Tamara’s practice. You may be given instructions and coached on work habits, self-care methods, and therapeutic exercises to augment and enhance treatment. In addition Tamara may offer you specific ergonomic instruction and make recommendations for beds, pillows and car seats.

Therapeutic Implements

In her practice Tamara has on hand various braces, hot/cold packs, orthotics, and various therapeutic devices that may be used as part of your therapy and that you can purchase. See the Healthy Living Products section.


Patients are asked to call or email within 24 hours after the initial treatment session to report their progress. This information helps Tamara to gauge the results of the treatment and aids in developing a protocol for your next session. Tamara also asks that you call her at any time if you have concerns or questions regarding your condition or the instructions you may have been given.